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On May 18, 2016, we participated in the Sand Mining Forum, organized by Julia Chambers and her colleagues at AFFEW, held in the Community Room at Ludington City Hall. I want to thank Julia for the invitation to speak, and to all of AFFEW for organizing and executing an event which from my perspective was incredibly valuable and informative.

I want to thank my fellow speakers, for touching all aspects of the issue, and adding considerably to my own knowledge:

Ted Auch of FracTracker Alliance, for broadening and deepening my knowledge of sand sources in the US for hydraulic fracturing, and in particular for explaining the evolution of the requirements for sand at an individual wellhead, as the age of the well progresses.

Tanya Cabala, former director of the Lake Michigan Federation, for her inspiration regarding sand dune natural areas and examples of other successes in securing their protection.

Adam Wygant from the DEQ Office of Oil, Gas, and Mining, for explaining the perspective of the State of Michigan, and the laws and regulations governing sand mining in Critical Dune Areas.

Finally, Sargent Sand Company, through its representatives: Daniel Stark, VP Mining; Kurt Koella of Lakeshore Environmental and consultant to Sargent; and Philip Johnson, also a consultant to Sargent -- all, for outlining some of Sargent's history, and explaining Sargent's perspectives on its business, and on its future.

Above all, I want to emphasize to Mr Wygant, and to Sargent's representatives, how incredibly important it was for them to be present. We cannot make progress without participation from all parties, and (within the constraints of law and proprietary business interests) as much transparency as possible regarding the perspectives of each stakeholder.

I look forward to the next several months. We have an opportunity to work some magic. For my part, I don't intend to lose the chance.

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